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 Johanna is specialises in contemporary music; from classical contemporary to multi-media art collaboration, experimental music, orchestral, ensemble, solo, commercial recordings and educational workshops.  

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Lancaster Music Festival:
GAIA and the Festival of Earth

Celebrating the 50th anniversary year of NASA's Apollo 17 mission, Luke Jerram's Gaia the seven meter diameter giant earth sculpture will be showcased alongside variety of events and activity in the festival.

As collaborating musician, I will premiere various commissioned pieces including Vacancy Chain by award-winning composer Henry Page and Lapse by Ben Nobuto.

More info:

25th ​June- 17th July, 2022. @Lancaster Priory

Subito Ensemble:
Subito Festival 2022

Subito Festival 2022 presents multimedia art in live and online performance: music and illustration metamorphosis, painting battle with soundscape, lighting and music reacting to each other, dynamic dialogue between music, literature, photography, and dance. 

Being a leading member of Subito Ensemble, I manage and lead the collaborative workshops and concerts with various artists from creative directing to artistic development.

Illustration: Julia Łucja Mazur (University of the Arts London)
Lighting: Abi Thomas (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Photography: Kev Tak-Kei Wong (Freelance musician from RNCM and artist)

Literature: Bobbie Warner (University of Bristol)

Visual art: Lili Holland- Fricke (Freelance musician from RNCM and artist)

Visual art: Rihanwen Williams (Manchester School of Art)

Dance: Michael Marquez (Northern School of Contemporary Dance)

Dance: Xiaoyi Tong (Northern School of Contemporary Dance)

​February-April, 2022. @Manchester

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Unheard Hybrid Orchestra

Brand new concert experience shaped by northern finest acoustic player with its finest electronic practitioners for experimental music. Repetoire based on brand new commission.

As a founding member of UnHeard Hybrid Orchestra, I worked closely with composers and electronic practitioners on commissioned work and improvisation on clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophone. 

2022- Tour in Liverpool

2021- [Un]Quote:
2020- Online:  and more.

2019- Acoustics instruments with live electronics: and more.

​2019-2022 @Manchester

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RNCM PRiSM ‘Changing Music in a Changing Climate’ X Garden of Forking Paths

Funded by AHRC, the Garden of Forking Paths is a collaboration between University of Leeds and Royal Northern College of Music runs by Dr Scott Mclaughlin. The project collaborates with multiphonics specialist Heather Roche and other clarinettist and composers to explore clarinet multiphonics based on 'experiment'.

I was commissioned with the piece 'Slushball Earth for solo clarinet and electronics' by Tywi John Hywel Roberts.

Slushball Earth for solo clarinet & Electronics

Composer: Tywi John Hywel Roberts- 

Performer: Johanna Leung

More Information:


​March, 2021. @Manchester

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