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Project Management

From idea development, general administration to event management- contact us to bring your idea to life! 

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Reimagined City (2023)
gory: live performance, workshop, festival

Reimagined City is a 2-days collaborative festival that showcases migrant culture through art and music activities to bridge the gap between the understanding of migrant culture and local culture. The festival comprised music workshops, music performances, and an exhibition curated by local migrants. The festival took place during the International Migrant Day weekend (16th-17th Dec, 2023) at Manchester Central Library and Cross Street Chapel.

Event line up:

Harriet Kwong: Percussion Recipe, percussion workshop

Gey Teal Girls' Choir: Bilingual Singing Workshop 

Alvin Wong: Lone Saxy Traveller, solo saxophone recital

Johanna Leung: Hispanic Dances, solo clarinet recital

Gey Teal Girls' Choir: A Worldly Noel, choir recital

Project Director: Johanna Leung


Artists: Harriet Kwong, Alvin Wong, Johanna Leung, Gey Teal Girls' Choir

Exhibition: Connie Sau (Curator), Johanna Leung (Curator), Tolupé (Illustrator)

Festival: 16-17th Dec, 2023 
More info:

Final IG.jpg
IG Poster-01.png

Gey Teal Girls Choir:
Perished Blossom (2023)

gory: music theatre production, live performance, classical contemporary music

‘Gey Teal Girls’ Choir: Perished Blossom’ is an immersive experience that brings you through a life journey mirrored through the four seasons in music, theatre and literature.

The production features 9 Cantonese choral compositions with 2 world-premiere choral pieces, 5 literature-based songs, and world-premiere compositions for flute solo and clarinet solo.

Production preview (11 Jul) at esea contemporary, featuring live music performance by Gey Teal Girls’ Choir and an online lecture delivered by Kai-Young Chan, Assistant Professor of Composition from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Music Director: Daniel LAU

Producer: Johanna LEUNG

Director: Kalin LAM

Singers: Erika CHAN, Eileen KOO, Harriet KWONG, Kalin LAM, Edwina LAU, Johanna LEUNG, Denise NG, Connie SAU, Janelle WONG, On WONG

Pianist: Anna CHIU

Instrumentalists: Johanna LEUNG (clarinet), Ada POON (flute)

Composers: Kai-Young CHAN, Ethan CHAN, Kenrick HO, Ernest HUI, Audrey LAM, Daniel LAU, Yik Long LAU, Carlos LI, Man LI, Alex TAM

Live performance:16 Jul, 2023 
More info:

Gey Teal Music: Jam1ngok6 concert (2023)
gory: live performance, classical music, classical contemporary music

Gey Teal Muic presents classical contemporary concert featuring new work inspired by Cantonese language and Cantonese choral compositions. Gey Teal Girls Choir debut performance along with brand new Cantonese choral piece in The International Anthony Burgess Foundation.

Director: Tak Kei Wong

Choir Director: Daniel Lau

Project Manager: Johanna Leung


Composers: Kai-Young CHAN, Victor CHAN, Ernest HUI, Daniel LAU, Tak Kei WONG

Instrumentalists: Wai Sing CHANG (Cello), Jocelyn LAU (Violin), Johanna LEUNG (Clarinet ), Ada POON (Flute), Michael SHIU (Piano), Jason WONG (Percussion) 

Singers: Erika CHAN, Harriet KWONG, Eileen KOO, Kalin LAM, Jocelyn LAU, Edwina LAU, Cassie LEE, Johanna LEUNG, Connie SAU, Mercedes TANG

Live performance:07 May, 2023 
More info:

Screenshot 2023-06-11 at 15.26.06.png
Jason Wong Recital - Final-02.jpg

Jason Wong Solo Percussion Recital Tour (2023)
gory: live performance, classical music, classical contemporary music

Jason Wong is an emerging percussionist who has rapidly established his name in the international music scene. Following on from the success in Croatian International Percussion Competition Rhythm-O-Phonia, the young soloist returns for a debut solo performance in Manchester. With his energetic and soulful approach, the percussionist will bring you a spellbound live music experience starting with an opening concert at the Manchester Low Four Studio.


The concert comprises percussion with electronics, vocal, visuals and semba, jazz and Latin-influenced music. This is a dynamic performance and not to be missed!

Live performance:19 Feb, 2023 
More info:

Gey Teal Music Valentine's Special: Adagio @ International Anthony Burgess Foundation (2023)
gory: live performance, classical music, classical contemporary music

Enjoy a romantic evening with classical music presented by Gey Teal Music. The recital features some of the most iconic compositions from the romantic period, composed by Brahms, Chopin, Rachmaninoff… Submerge yourself with acoustic music in the intimate venue!


Performers: Wai Sing Chang, Johanna Leung, Sharon Fung, Jason Wong

Live performance:14 Feb, 2023 
More info:


Recording Project(2022-23)
gory: studio recording, classical music, classical contemporary music

Recording project with 7 brand new chamber music compositions composed by Flowers Tannenbaum and produced by Emma Lambert.


Percussion quartet- Dan Nolan, Jason Wong, Sharon Fung, Harriet Kwong

String Quartet- Valette Ensemble

String trio, cor anglais and clarinet- Valette Ensemble, Emma Chan, Oliver Charles Lee

Bassoon solo- Bia Carvalho

Clarinet solo- Johanna Leung

Cello and vocal- Henry Page

Saxophone quartet- tbc

Studio recording: 8-9 Dec, 2022, March, 2023

Gey Teal Music Festival @ Saan1 (2022)
gory: live performance, chamber music, community

Gey Teal Music Festival features a wide variety of chamber music tailored to suits everyone with or without music training background. Event features recitals, seminars, open discussion, workshops and multi-media art performance workshops. Program features brand new compositions, arrangements of film music, classic instrumental repertoire and arrangements of pop songs.


Director: Kev Tak-Kei Wong

Performers: Kev Tak-Kei Wong, Johanna Leung, Daniel Chan, Arthur Yuen, Jocelyn Lau, Daniel Lau, Jason Ho-Yin Wong, Julian Liu, Titus Hok-Ling Lam, Ben Wai-Sing Chang

Live performance 24-25 Sep, 1-2 Oct 2022.
More info:

Screenshot 2022-10-15 at 17.13.26.png

Subito Ensemble: Subito Festival  (2022)
gory: live performance, online performance

Updated poster.jpg

Subito Ensemble's annual event showcasing their collaborative highlights online and in live.  A multi-sensory artistic experience with diverse multimedia art performance: music and illustration metamorphosis, painting battle with soundscape, lighting and music projecting on each other, dynamic dialogue between music, literature and dance.

New commission with collaborators from UAL, RNCM, MMU, Northern School of Contemporary Dance and more. 

Illustration: Julia Łucja Mazur (University of the Arts London)
Lighting: Abi Thomas (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Photography: Kev Tak-Kei Wong (Freelance musician from RNCM and artist)

Literature: Bobbie Warner (University of Bristol)

Visual art: Lili Holland- Fricke (Freelance musician from RNCM and artist)

Visual art: Rihanwen Williams (Manchester School of Art)

Dance: Xiaoyi Tong (Northern School of Contemporary Dance)

Live performance and online performance in April 2022.
More info:

StART Entrepreneurship Program: KickStART Creative Lab Concert (2021)
gory: live recording session, online concert

Collaborative entrepreneurship program between Royal Northern College of Music, University Art of London and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Live concerts, streaming Online 5-7 Nov, 2021.
More info:

Screenshot 2021-10-08 at 20.47.44.png

CoMA Manchester: STREAMING BLUE Exhibition (2021)
gory: exhibition

Teamed up with Groundwork Manchester, CoMA Manchester presents you an exhibition comprised of river stories collected from locals and media recordings exploring current and post waterway use.

The Possible Sound (2020)
gory: education workshop

The Possible Sound project provides comprehensive learning experience through series of workshops and concerts, targeted to rebound from students’ lack of motivation and inefficient home-schooling experience during lockdown.

Screenshot 2021-08-27 at 16.26.17.png
Picture 11.png

Concerts Series for young people with disabilities (2019)
Category: fundraising project 

Charity concert and interactive concert series across various venues in Manchester such as Didsbury Emmanuel Church, St Mary's Church Cheadle, Seashell Trust Assembly Hall and Together Trust Ashcroft School Hall.

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