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Recording Services

Clarinet Solo

Johanna offers B flat clarinet, A clarinet and bass clarinet solo recording service.

Clarinet and Piano

Submit your score and we will pair the suitable pianist for your piece. 

​(Other instrumentation available upon discussion.)

Session/ Orchestral Recording

Need a clarinettist for session recording, orchestral recording, chamber recording or commercial recording? Get in touch!


"Alongside incredible technique and attention to detail, Johanna’s openness to try things out and experiment makes her an amazing collaborator. I really enjoyed working with her."

Ben Nobuto, composer 

"Johanna eagerly adapts to new ideas, techniques, and situation. Every time she has been asked to do anything new or challenging as a soloist or as part of UnHeard, she has stepped up to the challenge. For my piece Hesitant, she was tasked playing slap tongues, a very demanding technique, in odd times for a long time. She not only bossed Hesitant, she developed one of the best slap tongues in the business. "

Nate Chiver, composer

"Incredible musician and your interpretation of my piece is above and beyond anything I could have imagined and hoped for —"

Emily Pedersen, composer

"During and since the height of the lockdown, Johanna has recorded many of my solo and ensemble compositions. She has always been reliable and played with incredible musicality."

Matthew Brown, composer

"Johanna is such a versatile and dedicated clarinettist! I really enjoyed working with her."


Get in touch to submit your score and get a quote.

Thanks for submitting!
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